I have built landing pages, small websites, and online stores. I am interested in interactive interfaces similar to MagicLeap's game footer specifically the rainbow, and designing WebGL projects. I am working on my JS skills in frameworks like Vue.js and React to start making web-based applications. I am also interested in cybersecurity and blockchain technologies.

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I am a builder. Whether building with legos, creating speeches, designing games, or crafting webpages I haven’t stopped. It opens worlds of creativity and communication within myself and others.

As a son of an immigrant Panamanian and Jamaican family, I am driven to do more. With my passion for learning, whether online or in a traditional classroom, I was empowered to push myself further. The encouragement from my family and friends pushed me to win public speaking tournaments, to earn a study abroad opportunity with Georgetown University, and to complete my Associate degree while in high school as the first generation in my family set to earn a Bachelors’ degree in the United States.

Right now I am in a position to start helping others. I am very interested in redesigning small business websites, working with augumented reality startups, and partnering with digital creative agencies. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I am ready to take you there.

Are you ready? Let’s build something great!

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