I have built landing pages, small websites, and online stores. I am interested in interactive interfaces and designing WebGL projects. If you looking to hire a web dev, here is my resume below.

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I'm Yjang and I enjoying designing and exploring a lot of, including designing & building websites. I think in the past I grinded way more at the expense of myself for a while. It was worth it, but I could have done a better job of taking care of myself. Because I do like helping people work on interesting problems and growing through that. I love designing, I spent a year prior to reapproaching this website again designing clothes, logos, and websites for others and I have way more ideas I kept stashed away which come back like a recurrent dream. Currently I work with The Tactile Group and I love working with the people there because I never feel like the smartest person in room, but I feel great when I contribute my work for the team and learn more from everyone.

Right now I am in a position to start helping others. I am very interested in redesigning small business websites and organizations. If you want some help with anything on the web, I would be happy to learn more about you and how I can solve your problem.

if you ready, then let’s build something great!

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